Our Work Process

At Attal Strategies you come first. The first step is to meet you and your team to learn about your unique needs. From there we will work to find a custom made solution

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Our Work Process

Attal Strategies wants to help you execute a winning campaign plan. Winning campaigns need good staff. Each campaign is different. We will develop strategic plans and goals that are best suited for your campaign. 

At Attal Strategies you come first. We will work with you and your team to give you a unique edge that will give your campaign its own distinct identity and capture voters.

We are here to support you for the duration of your campaign. We know that needs and direction may change, so we bring flexibility and adaptability every step of the way.


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Our Services


• Recruit, train and manage campaign staff
• Generate and negotiate campaign contracts
• Serve as business entity to facilitate campaign staff compensation
• Identify the best and brightest from local colleges and universities; assist with staff housing needs


• Provide campaign training
• Plan and coordinate campaign retreats
• Coach, support and develop candidates running for elected office
• Develop customized training to meet your campaign needs
• Work to build a diverse staff that will bring an array of perspectives and backgrounds to your campaign

Strategic Communications and Marketing

• Develop issue papers and policy summaries for key platforms
• Crisis management and communications
• Campaign debate and interview preparation
• Campaign video planning and production

General Campaign Consulting

Still Have Some Questions Left?

Feel free to contact our team to learn more about the services provided by us