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Building and training the right team will make or break your campaign. Winning campaigns need good staff and training. The Attal Strategies team will help you recruit, train and retain campaign staff for all cycles and needs of your campaign.

If you need a campaign manager, finance manager, volunteer coordinator, field director or poll worker, we are here to find and train the best talent.

Need to get out the vote (GOTV) or a winning communications strategy? We can help you with that too.

Committed to equity, inclusion, & community

Meet Our Team

Natalie Murdock

Principal and Chief Strategist

Natalie Murdock is the Principal and Chief Strategist. She brings over a decade of experience in communications, local government affairs, grants management, project management, economic development and political campaigns. Natalie was elected as Durham County Soil and Water District Supervisor in 2018 earning over 84,000 votes. Natalie served as the Deputy Director of Communications for Attorney General Josh Stein, Traveling Press Secretary for the Deborah Ross for Senate Campaign and Director of Marketing and Communications for GoTriangle regional transit agency. Natalie also served as a Volunteer Coordinator for the Terry Bellamy for Congress Campaign. Natalie holds local and state-level positions within the Democratic Party and African-American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Natalie is from Greensboro, NC and has bachelor of arts in political science and communication studies from UNC Chapel Hill. She completed graduate work at Western Carolina University in Public Administration and in Leadership and Organizational Change at Pfeiffer University.


Sheena Mathews

Chief Operations Officer

Sheena Mathews is a Political Consultant and Strategist with over a decade of experience in local, state, and federal politics. As an accomplished and results-driven professional with key experience managing operations, strategic planning, electoral and grassroots advocacy campaigns, Sheena served as South Carolina Political Director and National Deputy Director of African American Outreach for Tom Steyer 2020. Sheena has held senior leadership roles in the progressive space - including serving as the Director of Development and Partnerships for Amplify Action, focused on the civic education and nonpartisan voter registration of Black men in the South. Sheena holds local and state-level positions within the North Carolina Democratic Party as a member of the State Executive Committee and Council of Review. Sheena began her career working for the Office of the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners in Birmingham, AL. She continued to advance her career at the City of Birmingham Mayor's Office. This gave her invaluable insight and fueled her passion as a political operative. Sheena is highly experienced at developing and maintaining campaign budgets and plans; building and executing the campaign strategic plan; and participating in the polling and research process. In her recent experience as the primary legislative advisor, she managed outreach for 60,000+ constituents, was responsible for more than 172 pieces of legislation, drafting proposals, monitoring pending legislation, proposing new recommendations, and preparing for hearings and meetings for a State Senator in the North Carolina General Assembly.


Chi Vo

Chief People Officer

Chi Vo brings an appreciation for community, inclusion, and representation in all of her work. Chi has experience in volunteer recruitment & management, community engagement, and campaign management. Chi has recruited, trained, and managed hundreds of volunteers annually to support various fundraisers, organizations, events, and campaigns. Currently, she is a volunteer organizer for Durham For All, volunteer in Durham Public Schools, youth development trainer for NC Asian Americans Together, and a GOTV volunteer. She also specializes in communications, understanding that there is power in language and visuals as well as the stories that we are honored to tell. Recently, she has partnered with members of the NC Legislative Black Caucus and other organizations to create visual communications and was the Visual Communications Specialist for the Natalie for Durham and Natalie for NC Senate campaign.


Lamair Bryan

Public Policy Advisor

Lamair Bryan is dedicated to making communities better. He pursued a master's degree in public administration from North Carolina Central University to gain the education required to be the best public servant he could be. Most recently he served as the field manager for the successful Natalie for Durham campaign. Lamair will work to make sure that your political or issue campaign utilizes data and research to have a lasting and transformational impact. Lamair holds a bachelors degree from Fayetteville State University and serves on the Durham County Democratic Party Executive Committee.


Odofoley Oquaye

Written Content Producer

Odofoley Oquaye is a long time resident of Raleigh, NC and graduate of Shaw University. Her interdisciplinary studies degree focused on English and History. Since these disciplines have strong ties to politics, she has the wherewithal to create strong and relevant content. She is also skilled enough to write from a variety of perspectives and voices. Ms. Oquaye has created original content for Enterprise level software companies and politicians and has also edited content.

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